RICEM, Land O’Lakes and USAID Partner to Empower Rwandan Cooperatives
Written By Admin Published on April 1, 2024

The launch ceremony for the Cooperative Resilience and Equity (CORE) Activity on March 22nd, 2024, stands as a milestone moment for Rwandan cooperatives. Implemented by Land O’Lakes Venture37 and funded by USAID, this five-year initiative aims to cultivate a vibrant and sustainable cooperative ecosystem in the country. Hosted by Rwanda Institute of Cooperatives, Entrepreneurship and Microfinance (RICEM), a prominent player in the Rwandan cooperative landscape, the event saw the participation of esteemed guests, including the Director General of Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA) and Deputy Chief of Party from Land O’Lakes.

During the ceremony, RICEM shared a comprehensive program description and timeline, setting clear objectives and expectations for the journey ahead. This transparent approach fostered a spirit of collaboration, ensuring alignment among stakeholders, including staff from RICEM and Land O’Lakes.

Empowering Rwandan cooperatives for long-term success is at the heart of RICEM’s multi-pronged approach. This initiative will involve developing a comprehensive communication and marketing plan to improve how the organization appears online, making it easier for cooperatives to connect and access services.

Additionally, new, modern training programs specifically designed for adult learners will be created. These programs will cover crucial areas like cooperative leadership, governance, financial management, and business skills. Furthermore, a dedicated program will be launched to support partner cooperatives. This program will involve selecting and training qualified marketing managers who will then be deployed to provide on-site assistance. Finally, to foster continuous learning and innovation within the development community, RICEM will organize cooperative learning event focused on knowledge sharing.

Highlighting the importance of the project’s lasting impact, the Deputy Chief of Party from Land O’Lakes Venture37 emphasized their commitment to the project’s success. They acknowledged RICEM’s years of successful collaboration with Land O’Lakes and expressed their desire to further contribute to strengthening RICEM’s institutional capacity.

In his remarks at the launch, RICEM’s Director promised a fruitful collaboration and committed to the successful implementation of the project by working collaboratively with Land O’Lakes.

The Director General of RCA was particularly enthusiastic about this collaboration and offered valuable insights on implementation strategies that could maximize the project’s benefits for Rwandan agricultural cooperatives. these activities will empower Rwandan cooperatives with the tools and knowledge they need to flourish.