Empowering U-SACCOs : Fostering Digital Literacy in Rwanda
Written By Admin Published on February 15, 2024

In Rwanda’s journey towards financial inclusion, the Umurenge Savings and Credit Cooperatives (U-SACCO) program has been instrumental. However, challenges such as manual processes and limited ICT skills among staff have impeded progress. To address this gap, the Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA) has partnered with the Rwanda Institute for Cooperatives, Entrepreneurship, and Microfinance (RICEM) to provide crucial ICT skills training to U-SACCO members.

RICEM’s involvement signifies a strategic collaboration aimed at empowering U-SACCO employees with essential digital competencies. Through RICEM’s expertise and the Competence-Based Approach, the training curriculum is tailored to meet the specific needs of U-SACCO staff. By aligning with Rwanda’s vision of a knowledge-based economy, RICEM ensures that the training equips participants with the skills necessary for the digital era.

Originally piloted in Kamonyi and Gatsibo, the training program is now expanding its footprint to additional districts, including Ngororero, Nyabihu, Rutsiro, Karongi, and Nyamasheke. RICEM’s commitment to fostering digital literacy among U-SACCO members is key to modernizing operations, promoting financial inclusion, and driving socio-economic development.

As Rwanda continues its journey towards digital transformation, RICEM’s role in empowering U-SACCOs underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in building a digitally inclusive society. Through knowledge transfer and skill development, RICEM’s partnership with U-SACCOs represents a vital step towards achieving Rwanda’s aspirations for a prosperous and digitally empowered future.