Training on Cooperative Governance, New Cooperative Law, Cooperative management, and Internal Controls to Leaders and managers of Tea Cooperatives from Gicumbi District
Written By Admin Published on October 18, 2023

In a bid to strengthen the capabilities of tea cooperative leaders from Gicumbi District, FRWACOTHE and its affiliated union, UCTN, orchestrated a three-day training program. This initiative aimed to furnish administrative and supervisory committees, along with managers, with vital knowledge and skills in cooperative governance, the new cooperative laws in Rwanda, cooperative management, internal controls, and audits.
Conducted by consultants from the Rwanda Institute of Cooperatives Entrepreneurship and Microfinance (RICEM), this enlightening training unfolded at RICEM’s premises in Musanze District, from May 19th to May 21st, 2023. It not only provided a platform for participants to acquire new insights into these crucial subjects but also encouraged the exchange of best practices in cooperative governance, management, and internal controls that can be applied within tea cooperatives.

This training did more than just teach tea cooperative leaders important information ; it also allowed them to share practical experiences and ideas with each other. This sharing of real-life knowledge helped these cooperatives become better at running their organizations effectively. It shows that cooperatives are committed to always learning and getting better. This way, they can handle the challenges they face and succeed in the changing world of agriculture.