Effective Governance
Written By Admin Published on September 7, 2021

Governance is complicated by the fact that it involves multiple actors, but not a single leader. Due to misinterpretation of the roles and responsibilities of the board and the management level, several conflicts can be observed, that hinders the Cooperatives’ performance. Furthermore, most Cooperatives are more social-oriented instead of business-oriented, which also affects their financial side substantially.

This course is designed to provide understandable and applicable information about the rights and responsibilities for the leaders of Cooperatives and how to set up transparent decision-making processes. The course will also help to develop essential skills to motivate and influence staff of their institutions to achieve exceptional performance.

Main target audience
Board of Directors, committee members and managers of Cooperatives

Course content
This course will consist of the following units :
1. Review the key concepts of governance
2. Determine roles, functions and responsibilities of different Cooperative organs
3. Analyze specific issues of governance in Cooperatives
4. Review key concepts of leadership relevant to Cooperatives
5. Apply effective communication in Cooperatives
6. Perform team building in Cooperatives
7. Apply staff motivation in Cooperatives
8. Perform decision making in Cooperatives
9. Apply change management skills in Cooperatives

Learning outcomes
At the end of the course the trainee will be capable of the following :
• Differentiate the roles, responsibilities and functions of different organs
• Identify and solve potential conflicts among various Cooperative organs
• Apply decision making techniques and leadership styles in Cooperatives
• Develop communication relationship with other members of Cooperatives
• Identify the needs of team member and apply team building environment
• Apply different strategies to motivate staff at work place

Duration :
5 days