Training to the BOD of Umwalimu SACCO (Board, Supervisory and Credit committees)
Written By Admin Published on June 16, 2022

RICEM in partnership with UMWALIMU SACCO organized a five days’ training to the BOD of Umwalimu SACCO. This five-days’ training was tailored to the needs of the Board of Directors, Credit Committee and Supervisory Committee members and conducted from 27th to 29th May, 2022 and from 3rd to 4th June, 2022. The Special focus in training has been put on equipping the participants with the knowledge and skills required to fully execute their respective responsibilities towards the vision and mission and objectives of UMWALIMU SACCO.

The training took place at Five to Five Hotel in Gasabo District where both the Chairman of UMWLIMU SACCO and the Business Development Manager of RICEM started by welcoming the participants in that training.

As per the RICEM standards and practices, the training approach used was guided by the core principles of adult learning. All learning experiences and sessions were designed to provide knowledge, and skills and enhance attitudes and behavior that the target audience can immediately apply in the management of UMWALIMU SACCO.

The modules were highly appreciated by the participants as the material and the knowledge provided were in line with most of the duties and responsibilities of UMWALIMU SACCO committees.

However, some of the key recommendations indicated by the participants among others are shown below :

a) The training was very educative and looked as a solution to various SACCO Management challenges. On this note, the participants recommended that it would be better if such trainings are planned and conducted on several occasions.

b) The Participants recommended the Rwanda Cooperatives Agency (RCA) puts additional regulation regarding the implementation of SACCO operations and involvement of experts in SACCO committees.

The training was successfully conducted as planned and its closing ceremony was witnessed by both RICEM management and the chairman of UMWALIMU SACCO. The chairman appreciated much about the quality of the training.