Equipping Communities with Financial Resilience : RICEM and DSIK Collaborate on Training Session
Written By Admin Published on February 17, 2024

In a collaborative effort to strengthen financial literacy and promote economic empowerment, the Rwanda Institute of Cooperatives, Entrepreneurship, and Microfinance (RICEM) partnered with German Sparkassenstiftung Eastern Africa (DSIK) to deliver a transformative "Financial Education and Saving Game" training session. Held at G.S JURU Adventist School in Bugesera District from February 5th to 9th, 2024, the program equipped 30 participants with essential financial management skills.

The gender-balanced group actively engaged in an immersive learning experience designed to foster informed decision-making and economic resilience. Utilizing interactive methods like discussions, role-plays, simulations, and case studies, participants explored key financial concepts like money management, agricultural techniques, business planning, interest calculation, credit utilization, and loan management.

The training prioritized practical learning and skill-building through diverse methodologies, including presentations, group discussions, videos, and role-plays. A central highlight was the immersive "Savings Game Simulation," which provided participants with hands-on experience in applying learned principles to real-life scenarios. Through iterative rounds of simulation and reflection, attendees gained valuable insights into financial planning, savings strategies, and the crucial role of financial institutions.

Concluding the program, participants emerged equipped with practical skills and knowledge to navigate the complex landscape of personal and household finances. This successful training session exemplifies RICEM’s unwavering commitment to promoting financial literacy and building financial resilience within communities.

Looking towards the future, RICEM remains steadfast in its dedication to advancing financial education initiatives and empowering individuals to achieve their financial goals. Stay connected for updates on future training sessions and collaborative endeavors aimed at creating financially secure communities.