NKULIKIYINKA Jean Nepomuscene
Written By Admin Published on March 20, 2024

With a distinguished career in Rwanda’s tea industry, he began as Director of the GISOVU Tea Factory in October 1994, holding the position until 1997. Following a brief break, he returned to the sector in September 1999 as Director of the RUBAYA Tea Factory, a role he held for a decade. His leadership expanded in October 2009 when he became General Manager of the RUBAYA-NYABIHU Tea Company, a position he maintained until November 2011. He then went on to serve as General Manager of both MATA Tea Company (2011-2015) and RUBAYA-NYABIHU Tea Company (2015-2017) before taking the helm as General Manager of KITABI Tea Company from 2017 to 2019. Currently, he leverages his extensive experience as Chairman of the Board of Directors for FERWACOTHE (Fédération Rwandaise des Coopératives des Theiculteurs).